These Terms and Conditions apply to all sales of products and services via our webshop on https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com which is owned and operated by https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com, business registration number KvK nummer: 34168530, Address: Golfslag 3
2131 HN Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS(https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com “we”) conducted by each customer procuring products and or services from webpage (the “customer”).

We recommend that customers carefully read through these terms and conditions before completing a purchase on our webshop.

Please note we only sell to companies and not private persons.


Customers may place orders 24 hours a day on our webshop. We will process the order as quickly as possible and usually within 24 working hours from receipt of the order. Concerning products which are in backorder the dispatch will usually be 3-6 working days later, unless otherwise informed.

After an order has been placed, the customer will receive an order overview by e-mail. Please note that the order overview is not an order confirmation and we are not bound by the customer’s purchase order at this stage. A binding agreement is made between the customer and https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com when the customer receives an email with the shipment notification, invoice and packing slip.

When the customer places a purchase order in the webshop, this order is binding for the customer.

All orders for products are subject to availability, and https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com  reserves the right to cancel any purchase order or agreement if supply is impossible.

Customer information

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all customer, delivery & VAT number (were applicable) information which is provided to us is correct.

In the case that the customer makes changes about customer information, https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com carries the right to verify these new information and will within 24 working hrs, re-evaluate the customers account details for approval.

Delivery and delay

Products in stock will be shipped the same day as the order has been placed or latest the following working day.

Products which are not in stock will be ready for shipment normally within 3-6 working days.

If the order is delayed more than 6 working days, https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com  must notify the customer thereof. In this case the customer has the right to cancel the balance order within 24 hours for products not shipped timely.

All orders will be shipped with DHL Express (1-3 working days). Concerning orders for North America and China we use EMS/Postal service. The delivery time is between 4-8 working days and we provide our customers with a tracking number.

The maximum delivery time is thirty (30) days, as established by law. However it is very unusual that a delivery will take more than 1-3 working days in Europe and 4-8 working days in North America, China and Russia.

https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com is not responsible for errors in delivery where the delivery address provided by the customer is wrong or where the customer has made changes during its transit.

It is unfortunately not possible to pick-up orders in our warehouse in Aachen.

Import duty & tax

All prices displayed are exclusive any domestic taxes and duties. So once your order arrives at its destination you may, as the importer, be required by your local authorities to pay all import duties, customs and local sales taxes levied by the country you are importing to – in order to release your order from customs. This is the responsibility of the importer and we recommend you contact your local customs authority to determine a landed cost price prior to purchase completion.

Please note it is the responsibility of the importer (Customer) to know the rules and regulations of a country. If a package is stopped in customs we advise you to contact your local customs office and either try to have the package released or reject it and have it resend to us. Once we receive the returned package we will either resend the package or refund the amount of the products.

Please note if you place an order within the EU you do not pay taxes and duties as long as you have a valid VAT number.

Return policy

https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com accepts any products returned within 8 working days notification from receipt of the product as long as the reason falls under one of the following conditions:

The product contains manufacturing defects

The product was wrong received

The product was damaged upon arrival

Your refund will be issued to the original credit card used to place the order. Shipping costs are not refunded. Please note that refunds can take up to 29 working days to show on your account due to varying processing times between payment providers. Contact your bank if you need to speed up the process.

Damaged products

https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com bears the risk of freight of the products to the customer, any claims for loss, shortage, breakage, leakage or other damage occurring in transit must be notified to https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com on e-mail no later than 8 days after the customer has obtained or should have obtained knowledge thereof.

Claims received after this time are not accepted.

Notification must be accompanied by relevant pictures and the report made by the carrier of the loss, shortage, breakage or damage.

Claims submitted by the customer without appropriate documentation will be rejected.

Packages opened or in other ways damaged by the customs or other authority, is the importers (customers) responsibility and will not be refunded or in other ways reimbursed.

The customer will cooperate fully and loyally with https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com in its efforts to establish a claim against the carrier.

In case of returned goods the customer will be offered either replacement of goods or a 100% refund of the products returned. Customers refund will be processed via the same method of payment originally used to for the purchase.

No returns will be accepted after 30 days.

When a product is returned, please enclose a copy of the invoice including a note stating what the complaint concerns.

Cancellation of products

After an order has been placed, the order is binding for the customer unless  https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com can not dispatch the products within 6 working days after receiving the order. In the case that https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com can not ship the products within 6 working days, the customer will be notified about this and have the choice to cancel the order.

Prices & payment

In order to provide most optimal cost on the delivery we calculate a customized delivery cost based on DHL courier service for each shipment. All prices on https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com are shown in the currency EURO.

We accept payment via credit card and from the following credit card providers:

Visa, MasterCard & Maestro.

When using a credit card, payment is ONLY withdrawn from credit card when goods have been shipped and ONLY for goods that are shipped. – Payment for balance orders are then only withdrawn from credit card when these goods are shipped separately.

In case you as a customer have a wish for payment with TT direct via bank it is possible too and we kindly ask you to contact us directly for bank details on email. Please note a handling fee will be added to the invoice.

Important: We handle credit card information with confidentiality, and we never store credit card information. Our payment provider hosts the form where the credit card details are entered and therefore we never see the credit card information. We do this to ensure security. Our web shop only stores transaction data needed for us to make the withdrawal from the specified account when shipping the product to the customer.

All customers paying by card are subject to validation checks. https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com reserves the right to delay any order if fraud is suspected.

We take precautions for printing errors, price increases and sold out items on the website and in our promotions.


https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com acts as an international wholesaler and does not assume any liability for compliance with legislation in the country in which the customer is established or the country into which the customer imports the products. Hence, the customer is responsible for specifying the order sufficiently for the purpose of ensuring that further wholesale or retail sale of the products meets the requirements of the relevant jurisdiction, e.g. language requirements, product registration, patient information leaflets, labeling or presentation of the product in general.

The customer is responsible for obtaining and maintaining any required or relevant marketing permissions or for fulfilling any regulatory registration requirements for the products which are to be imported, marketed or sold by the customer.

https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com do only accept orders from doctors, aesthetic clinics, hospitals and wholesalers.

Obligations to inform and product recalls

The customer must within 48 hours from the time when information on an adverse event came or should have come to the customer’s knowledge provide any available information thereon to https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com

In this respect, an adverse event means (i) any malfunction, failure, defect or deterioration in the characteristics and/or performance of a product, as well as any inadequacy in the labeling or the instructions for use which, directly or indirectly, has, might lead to or might have led to the death of a person or to a serious deterioration in their state of health and (ii) any technical or medical reason in relation to the characteristics or performance of a product leading to systematic recall of products of the same type by the customer.

The customer must no later than 8 days from receipt of the products inform https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com about any and all complaints, which may refer to the products. The information provided must include a full and complete description of the complaint and any action taken in response to the complaint by the customer.

https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com will notify the customer immediately in the event of https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com knowledge about a product recall and will provide instructions on how to assist in returning all affected products.

https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com may determine the recall measures required from the customer on a recall-by-recall basis, and the customer must comply with such measures unless such instructions are in violation of the law applicable to the customer.

Without further instruction, the customer must provide to https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com any available documentation on seizure notices from public agencies and recall notices sent to the customer’s potential subsequent customers. The customer bears its own cost in connection with product recalls.

Limitations of liability

https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com will not pay damages for any indirect losses or consequential damage suffered by the customer or any third party. Indirect losses or consequential damage include but are not limited to loss of business opportunities, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, loss of interest and duty to pay any liquidated damages, penalties or fines.

The maximum liability of https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com shall not exceed the purchase price originally paid by the customer for the product. The aforesaid monetary limitation applies irrespective of the basis of the liability and will to the widest extent possible include claims based on acts of negligence (whether ordinary or gross negligence), strict liability, product liability, etc.

The guarantee period ceased immediately if the product is repaired or moderated by persons/companies that are not authorized by https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com, or if the serial number has for whatever reason been removed from the product or defaced.


We aim to have happy and satisfied customers. Complaints of any nature can be sent to the following address by either mail or email:

Address: Golfslag 3
2131 HN Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS

+31 6 13266399

Email: info@flexcaremedicalbv.com

When a product is returned, please enclose a copy of the invoice including a note stating what the complaint concerns.

Choice of law

These terms and conditions and any purchase agreement between the customer and https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com is governed by the laws of Denmark, except for rules on choice of law and CISG.


https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com cannot promise that the content of the web shop is free of inaccuracies or typographical errors at all times. Neither can we guarantee that all information is up-to-date https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com may, at any time, amend the content of the web shop.

Although https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com strives to display the correct texts, images and pricing on the Web shop, errors may occur. If the customer has been charged the wrong amount in the web shop, https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com will either issue a credit note or send a charging for the extra amount.

https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com, however, reserves the right to cancel any order prior to dispatch should we find that the purchase is based on erroneous information, including incorrect pricing. In such case the customer will be notified by email. https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com are unable to contact the customer, the order will be cancelled automatically.

Furthermore, https://www.flexcaremedicalbv.com disclaims responsibility for non-delivery due to sold out products and force majeure, including delivery failure due to our suppliers.